Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Wedding Hoo-Haas

Amidst the tinkle of laughter and mirth, is a booming voice that always manages to cloud over everything, and suck the happy out of all that is happening.

In households big or small, here or there, or anywhere in the world really; What are weddings like? What is the purpose of a wedding?

It is the coming together of two beings who wish to live their lives together with the blessing of their Maker, their families, and their friends. I would think that to any thinking mind, this would translate to mean; A Happy Moment... Right?

Instead, in most situations today, it has become a period of one's life when they and their closest are either at each others necks about the cost of it all, or the arrangements, or decisions and who would be making them, over this and over that, and just about anything and everything else and then some! Ego's clash, relationships stagger, -he-says-she-says- get's into play and emotions run dry, leaving all spent in matters that actually matter- only to then adorn themselves and cover up, in the finest of their able finest which their wallets, bank balance(s), loans, etc. can survive (or not).

Is all/any of this ultimately, really worth it?

How many times are all the things payed for, ever used again? How much of all that has been acquired, survived the test of time and real life; be it materialistic goods, or relationships made? Do any of those things, in today's world really blossom with time? Shouldn't it be more important to do things in moderation, so that emotions spent are in moderation, and time is allowed into the actual bonding of the people themselves - and their lives together - so that they can really start a blessed future together?

From where I see it: smiles are pasted on, war paint in place, accessories of all kinds and shapes in gear, livery on, real emotions masked (by most), and verbal blessings superfluously and quickly exchanged, when he-she-and-they ceremoniously unite!  

How many of these blessings are not vacant, hollow, and pressed? How many really reverberate with life and honesty, to embrace whole-heartedly, all that is on show? How much truth fuels our actions for all AND God to see? How many of us stop to even think about God witnessing it all at that point of time?

Few in my personal experience.

All that goes on backstage (for days or even months sometimes), before the final curtain fall, makes me want to step away and not have anything to do with it until the uncalled for voices have stopped (been diffused and removed), and only peace and genuine good will is abound to stay. 

Too much to ask for; the pragmatic in me chastises the self...


Laxmi Gopa said...

Look at the fun side -If it's wedding in the family you get to meet long lost cousins, get to hear some amazing(sometimes madeup) stories and adventures, get to indulge in great food and see some great sarees and other dresses. Afterall, what is life if it can't be lived in the moment.

Even if the marriage doesn't last or doesnt seem blessed, and we feel bad about it later, atleast we enjoyed what was supposed to be a fun day and that's the whole point.

nauky said...

Enjoy it..

What happens later will happen. But not on that evening..

Hayaah said...

Laxmi, not always does the family come together and bring all cousins together O_O

My entire rant perhaps was all about not being ABLE to enjoy much else after all the nasty emotions that over ride all and behold that is happening, because of certain big bosses who hold the string on what happens and how much happens in this wedding. I wont say much else. Its a personal observation ofcourse, and doesnt necessarily happen at other houses. The other things at other places we do ofcourse enjoy. The things Ive recently begun seeing though, make me wonder if similar stuff happens on the sidelines of those that Im oblivously enjoying, while the hosts of that affair may be going through a similar eek-ness. I hope not O_O

Nauky... thanx for stopping by :)
Sometimes things are happening on that morning afternoon evening and night, all covered up with fake smiles, repressed tears and anguish.