Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Homing Bird...

She escaped the moment she found a crack in the door; her wings were steady again, her strength re-instated.

She had been too young, too sick and too weak when the others around her had passed on to another world. That was when she had been taken back in, to be fed and cared for. But was that enough for her? Did she not pine to spread her wings and fly out to see all that there was out there to see? Her company mostly comprised of another clipped young-a-ling of sorts, who had it worse and couldn't even fly. Atleast she had her wings intact.

The only thing standing between her freedom and ''home of sorts''  was fear of the unknown and an inability to be sure of herself just yet; for if she was ready to take flight or not.

Then one day, she put all caution aside, left all her what-if's behind, and soared off... while''home of sorts'' waited for her return patiently, and return she did; hungry, disheveled, askew!

Good food, water, a bed to sleep in, and she was good to go again... tomorrow... the moment that crack in the door invited her again.


magiceye said...

nothing dared nothing gained!

Gyanban said...

This is nicely done.Liked it.

Laxmi Gopa said...

There was a time when I used to feel like this...and sometimes still do

Sanaa said...

this is sooo wonderful! I love it <3

Anonymous said...

love it,dear!

Hayaah said...

Magiceye: True that... thanx! :)

Gyanban: Really glad you did. Appreciate your reading it. Thanx much! :D

Laxmi: I can only imagine. What I particularly liked about this one -myself- was that it just came to me, and it fell in quite nicely with something real and yet not. To me, its heavily embedded with symbols. Dunno if that came across to the others though :)

Saanday: Im OH so glad YOU liked! <3 u 2!

Anonymous: Thy intrigue me to know who ye actually be, but until then, thanx much for reading. Glad you liked :)

Nalini Hebbar said...

Wonderful!...Surreal and magical

Hayaah said...

Why thank you Nalini! Delighted to have you pop in to have a read of my stuff. Appreciate the encouragement and kind words! :)

Thanx much!