About me

''Drifting in search of paths to follow... Dodging them cards that are deep yet hollow... Praying past sorrows... Praying for the 'morrow... Smiling with faith... Believing in Fate! Drifting in search of paths to follow...''

I am an English teacher by profession, an Indian citizen, born, raised and currently residing in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. English is my first language, Urdu my mother tongue (sadly I'm not as proficient in it as my parents would like me to be).

I have been on and off work based on my family's needs and life's expectations of me. My writings thus, have become an amalgamation of reactions to the people in my life and the happenings around me. The links that I add to my posts (songs, etc.) are usually a resonance of my feelings and emotions that parallel my written words as I jot them down.

I chose the name 'Hayaah' to write in the web world. In Urdu, it means basic modesty and chastity, and in Arabic, it means 'Life' . I love both the meanings, and aspire to embody them both as The Voice That learned To Speak... sometimes softly, sometimes surely... wishing no longer to go unheard.

I appreciate all kinds of feedback, therefore please feel free to share your thoughts through the comment section with in the post, or write to me via the email tab. If you're a blogger newbie, please don't forget to click subscribe by email after you have commented, in order to know when someone comment's after you.

Best wishes; fiamaanAllah,

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