Friday, 27 September 2013

Empty and Loud

It’s 1015 pm 

on a weekend night,
In solitary silence I type -
Annoyed by the frivolity of
all that surrounds me.
Texture-less fabrics
Spread out before me,
Reminders of ubiquitous nothings,
Jarring and ringing in my ears,
Reminding me of my insignificance
In everything.


Anonymous said...

You have beautifully said what i always feel and have never been able to put to words.....subahanallah, i hope you are blessed with what you are looking for, in this life and in the hereafter!

Hayaah said...

Salamalaykum Anonymous and jazakAllah khair for the duas... Seldom do i find someone get my words... appreciate your taking out the time to leave your thoughts behind. Thank you... It means a lot that another human soul understands, but it's also sad that another human soul feels heavy like so... May He the Most Able, help us all find our significance, in this life and the next - Ameen.

~ fiamaanAllah :)