Sunday, 28 July 2013

And Allah Knows Best

‘‘And Allah said: I am with the ones whose hearts are torn.’’ - Hadith Qudsi

So close, waiting for you to reach…
So near, waiting for you to speak…
Closer than your jugular vein
Knowing more about what you feel,
What you’re going to think,
Before you think it; feel it.
So call, reach out, speak,
For He remains but a prostration away,
For He remains but a dua away,
Your lips need not even move,
Your breath need not even heave,
All your soul needs to do is move towards Him,
Speak to Him through your soul,
For it is the soul that will forever live,
And it is your soul that needs to be fed,
Constantly – with His rememberance,
With His company, with His comfort,
Which only He can provide.
So seek Him, reach out to Him,
And He shall hear,
He shall provide in ways that you cannot even imagine,
In ways that you could have never asked for,
Because He Knows Best when to give,
What to give, and how to give…

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