Wednesday, 1 February 2012


A little mite, you.

You came, and before I knew it, now you are gone.

A little mite, you. I knew you not, but felt your existence through someone I did. I saw you not, only heard about you being born... for not too long though. Today, less than 4 months later, you are now gone. Hearing of your pain has left me in a pain different- nevertheless, deep. Torn and bereft are those who made you (albeit with His, our Lord's permission), held you, played with you, nursed you and reveled in your being.

In your Maker are they all seeking solace now; left confused and trying hard to find peace in the knowledge that He, your Maker Knows Best. May your family find the sabr with you being gone... May the last memories of your pain be removed from all the heavy hearts that with it's memory breathe, morosely burdened... May your abode in heaven be a source of blessing in their lives... May those who remain with your memories, remember all that was in your presence good, and find constant peace in your memory, dear Mustafa... insha'Allah; Ameen.

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