Friday, 24 February 2012

My Every Other Sisters' Paradise

(The verses below have been instantly inspired by the song above, and dedicated to all the sisters out there...)

Their dreams left on hold; immortalised 
My every other sister 
Living this life; part paralysed... 

As a child, seeing with eyes opened wide 
My every other sister 
Looking at life now; partly desensitised... 

Walking around with hopes to one day sour out; fly high 
My every other sister 
Gets back up; by yet another fall, temporarily mortified... 

Listening, doing; all as she is expected to do 
My every other sister 
Existing for their sake; has been skillfully mollified... 

Making the best of today; her gift of life 
My every other sister 
In her sleep goes to take a much needed bite of paradise...


Raphael said...

been long since i visited this blog. and i liked this post so much!

my every other sister? that title ought to get copyrighted! keep blogging and spreading the goodness here =)

Hayaah said...

Oh wow... it seems like a blast from the past, seeing your name and lovely blue butterfly on my page... Now that you mention it, it does seem like a long time ago. I'm guilty of the same, having barely ventured out to other blogs and their posts. Insha'Allah (God Willing), time allowing, I shall pay a visit to yours too :)

As for that bit getting copyrighted, I'd like to believe that with this post, it did? ;)

Thanks so much for your support and encouragement. Truly appreciate it.

Best wishes~ xxx