Thursday, 8 December 2011

Baby Rayyan

If there is a living delight; that's you - squealing, screeching, babbling to the core.
If there is a bottle of jam, sealed with goodies within; that's you, my mumbling mumbo to the jumbo little Winnie the Pooh.
If there is a smile, that my heart holds on to oh so tight; that's you, teary eyed me can't have enough of you.
If there is a hand that holds my little pinky with sheer might; that's you, my dear little super man, in your rompers day and night.
If there is a boy who is goodness in real life; that's you, baby Rayyan - hidden secrets of joy you give life to, with your every breath!

Bless your soul, mash'Allah!

May we forever maintain this string of connection unto eternity, insha'Allah; Ameen!

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