Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Chal Diye, Why Today?

You slide down, silently. Why today? It's been a while since you and I met. Today you refuse to abate. In your silent journey refuse to dissipate. Her voice croons to a pain that was sleeping inside of you? Want, reason, comprehension; not to be found in your wake. Lying here silently allowing thoughts to flit on by... they are far too many to stop and collect into some semblance. The thud that resounds inside is pseudo frustrated. I had been successful in not letting this feeling surface fairly well until now. Alas, today it has been victorious...

Today I miss you, Amma. I pray ardently for your return home safe, insha'Allah. In this silent misery I have remembered my words again, to which I have not paid much heed off late. Having typed them down I feel a tiny bit of relief. I still hear her voice resound around... A peace, not of defeat, I silently breathe on and in it's search move off to pray and seek.

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