Friday, 10 June 2011

To Be Awakened Again...

These faint murmurs whispering, deep inside somewhere, leave the vista blank. Discharged batteries is what the self seems to be running on, refusing to spark up a sputter more. Coughing up a semblance of courage to hope on untrod grounds is becoming a little too tasking as the days pile on by wearily; weary is left the heart, as weary is left the body in all's wake. The mind refuses to entirely cave in just yet.  

What is it that your prayers speak? 

Sometimes I don't know how I got here, except for a surety in knowing it had something to do with my own choices - except that I cannot seem to find a bridge sturdy enough to bank on, between that me and the me now.  

When did the bridge come undone? Could it not be mended? Does it really wish to be so? 

To what avail, know not I,
But for now lay these murmurs to rest must I,
For slumber harkens out loud to be tended to thus.
Perchance in a dream I shall awaken again...


Saibal Barman said...

Dreams speak of more of awakening so long they are fastened to innate pleasures of soul....I love to read it for it conveys me a deep sense of exploration of the nest that dreams weave on within you...and through your beautiful expressions in thoughts of all readers like me....

Hayaah said...

Thank you, ever so much, dear Sir!!!
Love that you continue to enjoy reading my words and verses. Always look forward to hearing your take on them.

I hope life has been blessed at your end, inshaAllah!

Best wishes,

~ H