Saturday, 18 June 2011


Another wave we must ride
Paddle on to get by
Whatever ripples or gusts galore
Patiently override them
We must; you, just as must I
Many glories come and gone
Singing merrily to their songs
Faces shining with their smiles
Pictures telling of all hues turned into mires
Hurdles girdled into puddles swished
Fancy mapping of things misunderstood
Lacy trimmings to all hideous pies
Making all things distasteful
To position themselves until: Ready - Aim - Fire!
Hit asunder thus, all calm; gone
A memory simply remaining agong
Of bliss smuggled away from them
And to a wayfarer thoughtlessly sold
Thence off on a journey, spent are we
Listlessly surfacing jarring waves
Relentlessly remembering
All our stories that got buried untold...


Saibal Barman said...

Very rich poetic expressions....memories add beauty to moments spent by in more passionate manner than life's real journey through the phase...splashing mirrored face of a rainful puddle by thumping tiny boots of children bring more pleasure in older days in remembering it all was done with a simple giggling mirth of being child long teaches us to explore memories to learn how gently it could be enjoyed while we learn to ignore it only to dream about its exuberances....
Take care,

Hayaah said...

Hello and my humble apologies for not getting back sooner, for I was away on a holiday...

'life teaches us to explore memories... only to dream about its exuberances...'

Nicely said... indeed so it is.

Thanks for stopping by, as always, so full of encouragement. This piece was a rendition and dedication to my work place during my last days there before saying g'byes [or atleast g'bye it is from there for now].