Friday, 15 April 2011

A Love Divine

A love divine surpasses confines

 A love divine walks through and past thorny vines
It nourishes and holds 
It helps you cross alters
It never questions or ever falters
It lasts on to be heard of, and it beholds

A love divine will never let you down
A love divine is what we all deeply pine for
It disappoints not nor forgets anything 
It forever persists through our highs and lows
It transcends humanity across and over so many lores
It survives past everything that a human heart could uphold 

A love divine is a blessed find
A love so divine only exists in Thine
Ye Who all time and boundaries Defy
Reflecting Your Presence in all hues and cries 
Or other wise tangibles; definite or unclassified
Ye remain Sublime Undeterred past all or any confine(ment).

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