Friday, 15 April 2011

To Sarrinah

From her ribbons to her nose,
From her mommy's eyes,
To her little toes,
May the little flower forever be blessed,
May she forever bloom and impress,
Surrounded by everyone's love utterly immense,
Smiles from sunrise reaching up to unknown skies,
May little Ms. Sarrinah, be a source of joy and light,
To all that she has been blessed with,
As our little present from Allah, The All Might!

And I write this little ode to our darling,
With misty eyes, and longing arms... that hope to hold her soon, iA!
♥ and x's... to Shoobi and Shooba. and of course, our little miss delight (born April 14, 2011, in the night).

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