Sunday, 17 April 2011

Their Find - Your Bind

Some have travelled the road I am on; many have trod on it before me, many more too shall perhaps in the intermittent future. While most of you who may be able to read me, maybe a few (if at all) will truly understand; what comes of having lived it (life like mine). It goes something like this - What comes of living in your mind; your side of the coin I imagine, while you try to fathom mine. Some journeys are not meant to be travelled by all of mans kind; those much travelled by you, for me shall remain undetermined. My lonely roads are mine to live; the misery you speak of in your blessed one, from my lens sees a deep undiscovered mine. What becomes of us is not what's planned; what becomes of us is the result of life's plan. While you sit there bemoaning your misfortune, I sit and wonder how would I - if it what you bemoan of - was to somehow perhaps become mine? But life does not pan out like so, and so we are left musing over the unknown, perturbed within its confines. Some move on having lost their founds, and others yet, are destined for things that they are still trying to find. While your normal may not be alright for me, what is for me does not have to be for you either - if you would only just see - you and I, both... Most of us are constantly pricked into pining for what is not ever meant to be ours, and in those moments while trapped within such inciting, we become ungrateful for what life HAS upon US showered. Spinning around in this mess could not possibly be healthy, and yet spin in it at most times we all do. In our naivete - let's hope - we don't end up begrudging the blessings of another soul. And let's hope to remain steadfast towards being thankful for what OUR life to US has bequethed, hour upon hour upon hour...

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