Thursday, 30 December 2010

Farewell Home & 2010

Many a sins have transpired behind these walls, many a stories have gone untold; some stranded and left forever hanging mysteriously in an abyss, some boldly faced and thereby rested in semblance of peace. Some lives here have only begun to be shockingly ended, while others have blessedly ended only to be begun again afresh (Alhumdulillah). Some hearts have been healed, some relationships extended, some broken ones mended. Some bodies too have lost control here -for different amounts of time- but then mercifully pacified, eventually. Some spirits have been set on fire, a few lies have been spun around to be contorted out of selfish desires.

The face of these walls that proudly sits on display today, as we say our farewells to it, is only because of all who have in its making so painstakingly perspired. Futures that have stemmed from here in reside far away, in the present today, rendered restless from the inability to say their hesitant - unwilling - goodbyes to it in person. Leave all this behind, we do soon, calling it another chapter of our lives that has been penned down to a close. A new chapter we must begin here forth, taking heed from the stars as they too prepare themselves to start a whole new mystery laden year ahead. Fresh beginnings with pristine clean slates we all hope for. To set our feet in right this time around, we firmly and surely bind tight our scaffolding's, safe guarding them lest there be any impending tips or falls in store ahead.

To lives, hearts, health, blessings, and all their stories to be born anew, I raise my pen, recording this prayer into a written request; bidding this house and all the year's that have been before it in the past, a revered adieu...

Audhu Billahi Minashhaytan ir Rajeem Bismillahi Rahmaan ir Raheem!

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