Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Oh Please Just Stop!

Must you go on, all the frikking time?
Can't you just shush for once?
What will it take for you to talk with respect?
Is it too much to ask for; respect?
Why can't you ever keep your voice down?
Does everything have to be about you all the time?
Do you not see others around you too?
How can one be so selfish and cruel?
So single minded and persistently self absorbed?
What makes you so un-repentant
Of the pain that you unto all hurl?
Are their voices not worthy of being heard?
Is their individuality to you benign?
Must you at all times go on about me, I and mine?
Ever thought about quieting down for once
To listen to someone else share their view point?
Brutal force; in action and stature
Forever brusque, ready to crush
The lives of those around you with words harsh
All and anything always has to be for your pleasure
God you are not, nor remotely His messenger
Look in a mirror and try to see you're being unkind
Let go of the reins that your mind has wrought
For no one is made to bow to your thoughts
If respect you wish to glean from others
Give them your time, notice when they're bothered
Quiet yourself for a moment in time
Just for once let someone else shine
Stop with your rants, stop with your whines
Life has more to offer us than just your perspective
We will not always stick around
If discord is all you wish to wreathe
On and on, on and on, all the frikking time!


zephyr said...

well said, Hayaah. All the self-centredness and aelf-absorption are the cause of most of the ills plaguing society today.

Hayaah said...

Indeed, they are...
Appreciate your stopping in; thanks :)