Thursday, 30 December 2010

Wretched Need!

I just want someone to talk to
Some one who can hear me when I speak
Some one who cares enough to actually listen
Some one who doesn't think I'm an idiot and treat me like one
Some one who would mean enough to me to care for too
I don't mind sharing the load of their worries, so long as they can help me with mine
My head wants to explode
I am tired of wanting, wishing, caring, yet standing back still wanting, still wishing, with my hands left hanging in the air
I am tired of speaking when no one is listening
Tired of looking at someone never looking back
Tired of doing for one who doesn't see it
Tired of sharing with those who care not for my doing so
Tired of trying to explain myself to those who are supposed to know me inside out
Tired of existing in such a state of wanting
Tired of existing with this NEED for belonging
Tired of existing in such a sorry state of hoping
Tired of existing in such a morbid state of feeling incomplete no matter what I do to make up for it
for i know I shall always remain incomplete in some way or another in the eyes of someone or the other and therefore I'm fine with who I am the way I am, but Im also just so very desperately tired of everything and I want to rest now.
I want to rest
I want to rest
I want so badly to rest and even more, I want so badly to talk to someone!
Sadly the one that I want to, rather the sort that I want to with, does not exist.
Perhaps my time doesn't allow it?


Steve Finnell said...

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Hayaah said...

Thanks for dropping in, and for invite :)