Monday, 15 November 2010

Forever Ignoring Contraindications

We know better. We almost always do, and yet almost always, we do not listen to that voice that comes from somewhere deep with in us. The very voice that knows us so much better and in uncanny ways knows better about all things in general. But what do we do? Do we listen to that voice? If so, how often? If so, after how much loss, hurt, or actual physical pain? If so, to what gain, in how much time lost, or heart beats gone insane?

Why must we almost always go against that inner voice, that at times most needed, never fails to contraindicate...

Colbie Caillat : Falling for you

Written in reaction to the conversations I've had with myself, often in the recent past, when I've felt my heart starts ruling over my head, and the caution police needs to be dragged in to deal with matters that are usually otherwise not rocket science to a sensible mind. These flutters of temporary yet sometimes numerous flights, with their many falls, are so unnecessary, if one would only listen to that voice of caution...


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