Thursday, 11 November 2010


Go on
Bust a vein why don’t you
It's what you want
And what it seems they do too.
Why hesitate
When everything inside you
Reeks of agitate and its brother aggravate.
Let it out and breathe
Remove yourself
Before everything that is you
Simply implodes. 


Pratibha The Talent said...

every deep breath releases negative energy and agreed to what you have said it through poem.

wanderer and vagabond said...

seems like trapped agony speaks to me from within a rotting rib cage....

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Hayaah said...

Thank you Pratibha for dropping in taking the time out to comment and becoming a follower! Appreciate it and glad you thought my words worthy enough :)

wanderer and vagabond, with in the moments when the words were being strung, it was just how it was; from with in a rotting rib cage!

About the challenge... the link says invalid for me. Care to point the way once again please?
ps. Thanx for stopping by! :)