Thursday, 18 November 2010

Does that ever happen to you?

You see this fantastic picture. The people/person in the picture look great, the background is surreal; just where you'd want to be... that person... in that place... looking happy like that... pretty like that - or handsome even - why not...

... but soon enough, a voice inside you starts speaking - grows louder and louder - telling you off for being so shallow! What's important is that you totally agree with this voice. That voice is actually You. So, what do you do with this 'angsty' pine that rears its ulgy head inside of you and refuses to sod off, leaving the sane better you back in command? You know it's just a phase of sorts, or perhaps just one of those days when everything looks a shade of not so nice - or too nice to be true - but here's what I wonder... How does a person live like a good person knowing full well their blessings and limitations, yet still, only stick to counting their blessings and not pine to overcome their limitations? Some limitations are simply, NOT surpassable for all! Every one cannot be happy and have happiness to the same degree as another, this we all mostly well know and fully understand, right? While we see the happy and the happiness that is courting one in a picture that we are looking at, there remain many an unhappy moment or two, that escape our notice - perhaps simply because we do not want to see it/them, or perhaps simply because these people in the picture know how to get past their unhappy and live in the happy instead, which is what comes across to us - through their picture at least...

Perhaps this banter is just a riddle you me, and I have my answers, but cannot seem to grasp them for long enough to make sense? Perhaps I am just talking out loud? Perhaps, despite being good people, we remain susceptible to listening to the voice of the devil - who every now and then - succeeds in making us being ungrateful by looking at the fortunes of others and pining for them greedily, instead of being grateful for the fortunes that reside in our own lives that so many others pine for in theirs instead. Also, while we may not wish ill onto the happiness of others - thinking of our own misery at the same time instead of just being happy for their blessings, is not a very nice thing either, is it?

I'd like to be untouched by this often lurking about yet unwelcome inability to stick to being happy for another without pining on some of their blessed essence in mine too at the same time.

Funny, how this pendulum of life swings on the clocks of all those who hang a-strung with in its mysteries.

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