Tuesday, 19 October 2010

An Ode to my Bed

In thoughts of you I spend all my idle moments 
Waiting for the ripe chance in which to give myself to you
Lounging half asleep in every reclining moment
I think of the comforts that you to me so briefly offer

Only to, too soon though, them retract
In the warmth of your spaciousness my memory resides
To seek of it ardently, my body in wait complies
There is none in comparison an alternative 

Even in times of duress
Until I am back in your splendid folds

Obsess thus I shall of your tempting caress
I promise to wrap myself back in you soon enough
But in the mean while
My angst within these words ill type on in vain
Until eventually sweet slumber takes over
And for a long span there on run its welcomed reign.


Sanaa said...

How clever.

MISBAH said...


Hayaah said...

Saano, if that no be sarcasm, then thankoo thankoo ;)

Misbah: Awesome to have you drop in and think so! khi khi... Lots of us identify with the sentiment I guess... *sigh*

Sanaa said...

no sarcasm at all. I just saw the ode as a metaphor for something else and thought it was clever :D.