Monday, 25 October 2010

Were You Grey?

You thought...
Things would stay
But soon then

You were grey
Waiting for what
All that was nought
What did remain
Was time on a train
Moving too fast
On untraceable tracks
When it would stop
No one could guess

While in the meanwhile
You would surmise

Of those who survived
Life's seemingly endless

Tests that kept leaving  
You in a mess
Until you were baiting
On the other side
Having yours survived
Dead or Alive...


Nandhini said...

Good one! What are the last 2 lines saying?

Hayaah said...

Thanx Nandhini!

I usually just end it so, leaving the interpretation of the words, up to the reader themself -ie. if any pass by :)

Since you just did, do share what you read in them? Id love to hear!