Sunday, 17 October 2010


They said you would be alright...
But were you?
I wonder if they stopped by to check.

They said it would work out for the better...
Just not now, today, or even tomorrow.
Perhaps this wait for the real day is where in lies the mystery?

I say no more expect anything but from yourself,
Because that only sets you up for disappointment...
Instead allow yourself to believe in an Entity
That surpasses your highest imaginations.


amodestlife said...

Why Shaeemaa, kyon aap udhas hein, kya hua?

In the old country, a thousand moons ago, there were people who would check up on you, when they said that things would be fine; there were souls that would say, it is for the best, and encourage other avenues to attain what you want.... In the now, many look out for but themselves, capitalism firmly entrenched in the crevices of our body and soul.

But there are, thankfully, still those around, that mean what they say, and be there when it means the most. I rather those that be there when I need them most, they can ignore me until then, for a daily hello is nice, but it is a cheap virtue of acknowledgement.

I decided a while that almost everything that I do will be meaningful and I want to be there when my friends need me the most.

I rather my friend hold me when I vomit, or when I am writhing in my discomfort instead of pleasantries galore that mean no more than the sound of syllables together.

In those I see the higher faith...they are earth's angels and I yearn to be surrounded by many of these kindred spirits.

[forgive the graphic nature of this post, I say it to be truer, to entice emotion and to get a mite closer to my meaning more]

Hayaah said...

I was just editing my pages and came upon this comment that I seem to have entirely forgotten to get back to. My humble apologies for not getting back before now! I can only imagine life must have been insanely busy for me to have been so rude. Having said that, coming back to the comment and post itself...

... I believe I was coming from another angle when I wrote this. I do mostly agree with your take on things as you say them. And by all means, go ahead and be as graphic as you please. It was not a problem at all for me, Alhumdulillah :)

I must thank you now(albeit morosely delayed), for dropping in and being so kind as to write in with your thoughts and asking after me. I'm quite alright, Alhumdulillah.

Ps. Your tone seemed familiar. Do please forgive me for asking this, but have we exchanged conversations before, here or elsewhere? :)