Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Humanity Drowned?

In glitz galore they lived on oblivious
While voices of gored shrilled rampant
In a world assuaged with grief and trials

Deaf were the ears of those around

And their eyes reverted away in defiance
Care not they to lend a hand of aided alliance

Lives lost in numbers growing ever more

Useless in price to the big guns of show
Alas what remains is a hapless facade of families no more

Washed away their cores, their hopes before being formed

Their voices unheard remain lost in an endless storm
In glitz galore the others function on unharmed;

Oblivious, unmoved, entranced with their worldly trysts.


Saibal Barman said...

Humanity is the worst casualty of today's world...who buys the rose, buys the guns too...and emotions stay passionless alike faceless figurines on ramp--dare to impress, bare to solicit, and blare on cheap noisy bargains....
This one is very poetic although it holds on perfect notes to offer a haunting dirge...

Hayaah said...

Pictures of those affected by the floods in Pakistan worked as a catalyst... I try to detach myself when Im physically and financially unable to help... my words and prayers are all that I can give in such a situation... the anger though, arises manifold, thinking of those with all the power in their reach yet doing diddly squat...

Thank you for reading and taking out time to comment. You are simply too kind. Ive really begun looking forward to your comments!

Bless you :)