Thursday, 26 August 2010

Relentless Ignorance

I was reading The Huffington Post online, when I came across an article written by Asif Shahzad, an Associated Press writer. On reaching the end of the article my mind went into a reaction of torrid anger mixed with utter disbelief over some of God's creatures that sadly fall under the guise of 'mankind'... I quote the said words as follows,
''... Since the floods first swept the country, the Taliban and al-Qaida have been relatively quiet. But on Monday, three bomb attacks rocked the northwest, one of which killed the head of an anti-Taliban militia on the outskirts of the main city of Peshawar.'' 
When one reads an article about natural disasters resulting in human crisis and grief, end on a note such as above - One is rendered speechless for some time, thinking about the absolute blindness of some men who have dug themselves SO INTRICATELY deep into a hole of ignorance and sheeple mindset, that they are unable to save themselves from a darkness which has folded them and their being into an infinite evil grasp!

Such are the people who have stripped themselves of their rights to be identified as one of mankind.

There is not a shred of kindness, or its like, that remains in them. They are a ''condition''  which he who is flabbargasted by it, can only leave in the Hands of a Maker of us all to deal with them in True Justice as can only be deemed appropriate by Him Alone.

And Allah (swt) Knows Best...

May he send down from His infinite mercy and Blessings, a cover and relief to his creatures so desperately and morbidly grief ridden...


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