Saturday, 15 May 2010

Things That I Don't Like

- When good friends stop keeping in touch
- When relationships go sour
- When hearts get hurt (this isnt just abt a man and a woman =S)
- When people lie
- When people cheat
- When animals and helpless beings are taken advantage of
- When it gets too hot
- When it gets suffocating
- When I feel stifled, locked in, and cant go out
- When 'things' go out the window
- When anyone or thing, is abused
- When feelings go on the market
- When emotions become selfish
- When the materialistic gossipy world comes into contact with me
- When people argue or fight
- When people refuse to agree to disagree
- When people act like know -it-alls
- When people forget to look in the mirror but hold one out to everyone else
- When people are unable to forgive
- When people forget to care
- When people despair but can't pray
- When people do not reflect
- When people don't help the needy
- When people are blatantly greedy
- When personal protocols and beliefs are thrown in your face
- When you are left publicly disgraced

* a work in progress
Feel free to share yours...


Anonymous said...

There are too many things in life that one can NOT like...I mean, my list can go forever. It's just better to make a list of what we do like...its much happier.

Hayaah said...

True... but writing these down was cathartic, and that is mostly why I sit down to write :)