Wednesday, 19 May 2010

''Beautiful Couple''

The b*tch in me (excuse my spanish), is on the loose as far as thoughts are concerned... But are my claws out like a hissing cat? No, not at all (devoid of sarcasm this comment - honest)...

I look at pictures of people at weddings (or real life situations), and I enjoy the whole surreal feel of SO many lives that are about to be changed and the happiness that seems to be abound on the faces that we see, people that we hear, etc. etc. (A general Ma sha Allah sent out to all those that survive the test of life!)

I actually had this one question just rise up in my head right now while browsing through such a said album of affairs, and I read a comment from someone saying, ''What a beautiful couple they make!''

Now I only always say that to someone, when I mean it. So on that basis, I can give this person the benefit of doubt that she truly meant it too. What did though, pop up in MY mind as I read HER comment say so about THIS couple, was - ''Uhm... Really?''

Then I duly - Toba - Toba - ed - myself and shut up for a bit. Honestly, commenting on people's looks just bothers me. But does that mean I don't think one is better than another, or that one is remarkably amazing while another goes away without any notice? Ever? Never? No... I do... Ofcourse I do! I may not voice it, but I do. I may not consciously think it, but it's still being processed somewhere on the inside any ways...

So all these ramblings aside... What exactly, in your opinion - DOES - a beautiful couple look like? Is it simply their looks, dress, style that we are commenting on, or does more go into our comment - said or unsaid - when it is born (comment of course - pay attention :P )?

For me? I think I have to know both people, as well as truly think so based on the humans that they are along with their exterior looks, for me to mean it when I say so.

What about you?

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