Thursday, 29 April 2010

You - Who? Why - Hope?

I pine for you
You have no clue
Exist do you
Or not I wonder
Am I to live on
A life of blunder?

With a word of patience
And sometimes two or more
I wait on for  

Tomorrow's to explore
In hopes that perhaps
You're going to walk in

Through that next door?
This hope although 
Many times has been
Crushed, mured, and
Tired feelings swept off

Away from cracked floors
Why wait for something
That's not even sure?
A heart albeit bruised

Continues to beat
Despite pains from use
And the one who is in wait
Lies on to himself
Or for lack of a better word
Says lets hope instead
For tomorrow unseen
Will come for sure
Whether through death
Or another smoky door
Hoping and waiting
With a sigh it gleans
Attesting this life
To be a test indeed
A life whose soul
Wont live unless freed...


ommarah said...

Sums up what have been feeling over the last month or so -we so need to have a conversation over this!!

Hayaah said...

In sha Allah, we manage to find each other online... buzz me whenever ure free on google. Im on invisible almost always... If Im free and around, I will for sure reply!