Tuesday, 20 October 2009


My heart holds scorn in it
For many a things
Just like a person any other.
My mind it seethes
Because of the actions of plenty...
Because deep with in
A voice says it is wrong-
''They are wrong.''
But one cannot change the ways of others.
One can only by example but show
A better road that leads to a better way,
One that a searching heart may follow
Deeming it seemingly right...
I hold scorn in my heart
For many a things I cannot change.
But I can change the discourse of my heart;
For it to not scorn so much, rather pray.
Pray for my heart to be patient
And begin by amending my own ways...
Beginning by removing scorn at first,
Scorn of, or for another-
Be it minute or magnificent.
To start by cleansing my own thoughts
That at times seem to wander, 
Off on their own; uncontrolled.
And in those moments vent in ways not right,
For my soul knows better
And it desperately seeks righteousness...
Righteousness for those around it
Just as much as it does for itself.
And so I must get rid of all this scorn
That normally with in me
Not for long remains or resides,
But leaves feelings of discord nonetheless
on its little trips not wanted nor welcomed...

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