Thursday, 22 October 2009

Humanity Dead?

I sit so far and try not to care
about all that's happening
so long as I'm not there
those not near are easy to distance from
shouts and screams, ignorable
just so long as I can't hear them...
- Denial?

Pain too deep
very sharply it seeps
If numb myself not
the heart and mind
keep tangling up into knots
brothers and sisters
they wretchedly weep
while I in my bed lie peacefully asleep...
- Helpess?

Wars of the world
Torrential losses
Lords of this world
The so called bosses
Unscrupulously rule
Lost in their glory
Unmindful of the end
When the ONE GOD'S rule surpasses
and all to Him will ultimately return
and in this life who mourned
will in the hereafter no more burn
the unfeeling killers
will be left then to yearn
when time for them will have stopped
And their time to suffer will have come
based on the deeds in this lifetime
that they had blatantly earned...
- Justice!

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