Monday, 19 October 2009

Babies, anyone?

Dear heart that once was so very sure
Does'nt know if it wants babies any more
The sight of babies used to have my heart trip
Their crying incessant now makes my mind flip
Unmarried and yet lent many a hand out in their care
In fear I ponder now if my own one day I'd still wish to bear


ommarah said...

wow! Well motherhood is meant to be all emcompasing -isnt it?
Am sure like many mothers before when your time comes you'll be overwhemled by the joy of it all-and this blog -will make you smilex

Hayaah said...

Trust me, ive had my fair share of babies since I was 10.

Ive done nothing but adore em to bits and theyve made my heart shine :)

Im jst tired of having them arnd me in all their glory for almst a mnth now, two back to back (a nephew and neice), with their tantrums and a stark comparison of me and my siblings impatience with my own mum at times, cousins with their parents and I think abt what a futile race it is. To have to lose sleep and watch ur life pass by, raising the brats (i say that lovingly), only for them to grow into thankless beings, who are gonna tell u that u are not on the same page and dont understand their ways...

Oh the post is basically a rant, me venting, im sure... but its had some deep thoughts go into it, where in I have been questioning if I have any patience left to deal with my own if time allows it in the future. Too many able dads I see who love siring them but care not a dot beyond that. That kind of motherhood, combined with the pressures of others human relationships in ones life, only to have kids grow in to monstrous adults, is not very tempting.

Last words... I am PMS-ing 0= )

Anonymous said...

first of all let me tell you...good work girl!the eloquent expression of thoughts and feelings does not come easy to many.and on top of that you are pretty honest about what you feel and put down,yeah.and let me tell u,when u have your own baby,it will be different from any other you may ever have'll feel unimaginable love..a flood of it.and the dad of the baby..will turn into a new person altogether.
and yes..PMS-ing is always terrible,with or without babies,regardless.

Hayaah said...

Thanx :)

I do keep it straight from the heart, irrespective of subject...

iA to happy babies in the future ;) Some dads are jst awesome from the get go, and if I am destined to have a go with the baby stuff of my own some day, I hope I get the awesome brand for mine ;) he he...

Pms indeed is a horrid horrid thing indeed, especially for those who suffer the 'wrath' of it... *insert devilish laugh in here*

0= )