Monday, 6 April 2009

Will I... Like She Was?

(Or) Will He... Like He Was?


He left behind in his past
Someone with a broken heart

If I am to take him in into mine
She will think of me as a swine?

As do I right now of her, for taking him
When she knew it was for him that my heart brimmed

She took him nevertheless
Because I did not much protest

It was her whom he clearly wanted
So bade him well I did; myself remained haunted

Now when I move on, often feeling like I already have
I wonder ‘bout the past of who in my life tomorrow I might have

Will I be breaking the heart of another woman?
Who in my stead will be, as I was in a time that I have now forsaken…


Natalie said...

Interesting thought, Hayaah. Hmm....

Love to you in your quest for peace and love.xx♥

Cynthia said...

The circle of love and life, it seems someone
often does become hurt. Gently written indeed.

Hayaah said...

Sorry for the late replies... I havent been able to visit my blog and others at leisure... have gotten slightly busy/preoccupied kind of... wishing to be here, but not being able to find the time to mentally be coherent enuf in my short stints back and forth just reading if at all...

perhaps that ramble made zero sense, in wich case, I apologise 0= )

Natalie ... intersting right? It often plagues me, more and more off late = 0

Thank u Cynthia
But knowing how much it hurts, it kills me, jst the thot of it, that I might be the cause of a similar pain in someone elses life = |

Ophelia said...

Ouch this entry hurts. Well written. You really got the point across.

Hayaah said...

thanx Ophy... Im sorry for the late reply... Ive been in the middle of a move and some changes to life... got too bsy... trying to catch up with all the blogs ive missed as we speak...

ommarah said...

Kismet is a wonderful thing. Once what was her is now yours or is what was hers always yours? Is all down to interpretation as much as u can -with each breath-if he loved you today-the intensity of right now -will never be again -it may be more -even better but if tomorrow it is less-then atleast u know u fully lived it today! xx May love be ours -and may we appreciate its brightness

Hayaah said...

Ameen to ur dua Ommarah! Indeed each day is precious in this life... each moment unique! Now if only we'd stop and treasure it before it slips us by... i do pray and hope we find our moments of bliss each! ameen!