Sunday, 5 April 2009

Morbidly Blind Man-kind

The despair of a father who can not save his family from pain in death,

while he watches their angst in front of his eyes…

The tears of children mixing with the blood of their wounds,

while trickling down from their eyes…

The helplessness of mothers unable to pacify their babies,

while they are being ripped and bloodied right under their watchful eyes…

These eyes that can see, feel, hear and smell the distress and pain…
These very eyes still continue to not just watch but inflict it all; they define the word insane…

Humans killing their own kind,
In spite of being blessed with a thinking mind,

The worst of living kind!
The worst of living kind!
The worst of living kind!

They are so morbidly blind

and their being is a curse to the rest of innocent man kind!
To all of living kind!


Indeed there is no cure while we remain in this life time
Justice will be served in the after life, and in that time
there will be situations and people of different hues
But all will be accordingly paid their fair dues…

With the belief in That guarantee I try to find peace
And until that day
I hope to continue praying for all living and deceased.

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