Thursday, 9 April 2009

hollowness echoing hollows...

No one to talk to… I sit here alone
With only a TV and internet to call my own
My lonely existence I try to ignore
Too painful this charade, it hurts, it gores!

This repeat of my 'every-days'
In hopes of a better tomorrow
A vicious emptiness thrown in my face
This hollowness echoing more hollows…


ommarah said...

Hun, this is a regular evening for all us singletons hehe enjoy it before the babies come" I see my sis running around after them and think...yes I can wait for this ..this is meant to be the best time of our lives -but agree it is easy to think about the loneliness-it can be all consuming at times..

Hayaah said...

well, life has changed since i wrote this :P as u know from my change of scene etc... so im bsy enough not to mope abt it at the mmnt Alhumdulillah :) but i know what u mean... its jst that sometimes the heart and mind crave a human body to talk to and share space with, in peace...


It was such a mmnt when those words came out i gess... :)