Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Please understand...

I can only belong to him who can have me
I cannot be yours, please don’t try.

I can only belong to him who not just wants me
But would take all the steps to make me his.

I know you cannot do the latter, even when your heart wants it.
But I cannot!

I cannot, I cannot betray my morals again!
Without my religious guidance my world would come to a crashing end!

Please understand and respect me!
Please understand, I beg you to respect me!

I must withstand by that which I am…
I cannot heed to your momentous plans

So I beseech thee and I appease ye to please understand!
Please dear boo, do understand!

Don’t ask me to explain it
Or question me over it again…

Just remember where I’m coming from,
And simply just understand - do please understand!


ommarah said...

Cannot betray my morals...scary stuff ...that fine line that we sometimes nearly is wonderful ,beautiful and terrifying all in one

Hayaah said...

if we both/all have the same set boundaries, then it doesnt have to be terrifying...

Alas, and yet shaytans always arnd trying to make sure we burn for our actions... its caving in to his temptations that is terrifying...