Wednesday, 1 April 2009


A torrid thirst to be quenched
A violent hunger needing to be fed
Such thoughts of an empty existence
Linger incessantly in her head...

''His lips to touch mine
as our fingers entwine
quick gulps of stolen breaths
and his urgent caresses begin to me undress

Whispering softly his soft mouth grazes on by
as my ears latch on to his lies
In my heart I know 'tis un-true
His promises are empty through and through

Let him lead me on I do
grave errors these, as I continue to misconstrue
his every word I play in my mind
to my own meaning I leave it confined

Reality that speaks; he will be gone
I hear it not but go on and ignore,
I live for this moment only; albiet unsure
Because deep down he's hers is what I know.''

A torrid thirst un-quenched
A violent hunger un-fed
Such thoughts of an empty existence
Linger incessently through her aching head!