Thursday, 2 April 2009


Fall on me
wash away this tear
that trembles on my lash
not falling off in fear
of trickling away in vain
from a pain set on repeat
only to find release when
these clouds will cluster
together once again
on another day
to fall on me when
they hear my cry for aid
to wash away my tears
that would linger on my lash
not falling off
lest it be in vain again
because of a pain
that is set too deep
reminders of which are replete
with an anguish that is tired...

With the falling of the rain
on me tonight
I shall find
some temporary respite
and for one night be it only
I look forward to a deep sleep.

The pitter-patter of rain drops outside my window draws me out of my sanctuary, to step out by the parapet under the awning and watch from under it immense beauty that enfolds before me.

A heady scent emnates from the earth as water drops hit it. I deeply breathe it all in, letting it soothe my emotions coiled up tight inside my being, and hypnotise me.

The sound, the smell, the feel of stray drops making their way to my hair or my toes, cleanse and pacify me of all that which inside me twists and turns unable to find peace.

I watch the clouds overhead -soft in appearance- yet dark and thick, bearing vast burdens. Burdens which they in a cascade of rain drops bestow upon me. With the crisp, pure, healing drops that touch me, I cleanse my own weight of worries. With every drop I hope the water flows away from me into the earth -absorbing- burying all my negative energy and pain with in its deep un-reachable folds...


Natalie said...

Nothing like the cleansing rain to wash pain away. I can relate Hayaah.x

ex - il@miro said...

beautiful ... it reminds me of Rabindranath Tagore ...
(I do not know why)


Hayaah said...

I love love love the rain, Natalie... Almost as much as I love sitting/walking on the beach with the wind in my hair, watching the waves coming in, listening to the sound of them receding back...
That is cleansing of the best sort for me - both moments are :D


Miroslav (sir),

You have me soaring high above the ground with that comparison. OMG! Rabindranath Tagore!!! I wouldnt even dream of being mentioned along side his brilliance!

Beyond humbling! Thank you, Thank you so very much! :)

Ps. How do u make your comments BOLD? = o

ex - il@miro said...

Hello Hayaah!, unfortunately it is technically not possible to answer your question
but by e-mail or contact form...


Hayaah said...


It's alright. Thanx :)

Im guessing it perhaps involves enclosing it within '<' or '[' brackets?


[b]still checking[/b]

Hayaah said...

yey! the 1st one worked 0= )

Cynthia said...

I love this poem. The soothing quality, the
melancholy feel of the words and the prose
beneath the poem makes a perfect marriage.
Gentle drops of cleansing and peace I have
found within your poem. Thank you.

Hayaah said...

Thank you so much Cynthia... Coming from you- whose written words I admire so deeply- this is a really huge compliment for me, that you felt so!

Truly appreciate your feedback :)