Sunday, 8 March 2009

Vagaries of Life

We stop to ponder about things in life
We wonder about the worries, we think about our strifes

We linger on moments happy and sad
We pick around some also that were not all too bad

We smile while reminiscing those moments of mirth
Our tears we wipe, as some negative memories are unearthed

We pine for things that today seem unattainable
Be they people, objects or just anything sustainable

Time brings with it many mysteries to unfold
Unimaginable sometimes, its gifts - behold!

Things dreamt of may not always transpire
As we in our minds plan them and aspire...


Meena said...

But I like control - put things in a frame I built with all my planning. Hence my "perfect fit" post. I don't like thinking of things transpiring w/o my aspiring.

Though I am thankful for that comes my way which I haven't asked...oh, why is man so ungrateful.

Hayaah said...

hmm :)

Well when I chose the word 'vagaries', I was aiming at what the last 2 lines sum it up with, that no matter how we may dream and plan things out, they may not necessarily work out like that. And at the end of it all, despite our wishing for them to be as we aspired, we may even actually be alright with the end result.

In your 'perfect fit', the words at the end, 'seeming perfection' - arent they some what the same thing? That we may ultimately not be it all as we wud display or appear to others? Like i had said there too, a facade of sorts? May be im seeing it all from a different perspective than you? :)