Monday, 9 March 2009

Flesh & Blood Vehemently Disagrees!

Have u ever faced a situation in your own house, amidst your own family, that renders you in shock at their mentality and views about certain issues of life and people?

When I sit between my parents and my older brother, their logic and reasoning of issues leaves me not just restless, but also makes me ache with fear that they might be hurting someone and themselves in the hereafter with their words and actions. They also have a holier than thou attitude sometimes. My mum not so much always, but she has her own antics.

In my heart I can pray for my parents and beg the Lord swt to forgive them and guide them, because they won’t listen to me when I tell them otherwise. At least mostly they don’t. As for the brother, he says I think I am too smart and force my opinions on others. I simply tell them when I disagree with their logic, and if that means forcing my opinion on them, then so be it.

What makes me feel I might be right and they wrong? Perhaps because of late I have been reflecting a lot on myself and my actions and trying to fix myself where I have erred in the past and believe I might still be wrong. If I can see things as starkly right or wrong, why does my own flesh and blood fail to see the same side of the picture from a perspective they themselves instilled in me at a very young age?

I often worry that they with their ways and views might drive someone brilliant who may come into my life in the future. If they can so deeply anger me and offend me sometimes, why would someone else tolerate it?
It worries me endlessly when the pain is fresh…

Allah swt knows best.

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