Saturday, 7 March 2009

You are my Maker

With a staunch faith in a power Strong, I walk on with a wavering smile, refusing to let the stumbles that befall me wear me down.

The Hand that holds mine, tightens each day with every moment, as I turn to It and thank It for being there always.

Knowing that the Best of Planners has chalked out the walk I am to walk, my feet reassure themselves to tread on strong.

My heart continues to beat knowing there is nothing stopping it except for that which is decided by He Who made me in the first place.

Knowing my return is to Him, makes me want to rush through all that I can achieve now, to guarantee me my place with Him when the final bell tolls and nothing of now will be anymore.

I wipe away the tear that strays down my cheek, hushing it, hoping that my Lord will forgive me my weaknesses.

I pray to always feel a calm inside of me, a warmth in my heart and mind, one that is a blessing from Him. It's beauty scares me when I feel it for mere short moments. The fear comes from hopefully not taking pride in having it, lest I over exceed the limits of gratitude and stumble into the waters of taking good for granted.

Everything that is, is because He makes it so.

Everything is from Him and remains His.

I hope to never stray from Him and be lost.

I pray to always and forever find my peace in Him.


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