Thursday, 26 March 2009


Am I a poser
I am perplexed
my own thoughts
mesmerise me at times

Am I who I am perceived to be
or is it a facade
I am wondering lost
and trying to convince my mind

Am I for real
Is what they see of me true
I worry for if I am portraying
something I am not; I try myself to understand

I pray with submission
I dont want to be in the wrong
Giving a message of who is not me
I just want to be an honest example, and be kind

I want not to mislead
or be raised on a pedestral
I am just a simple being, an empty vessel
Awaiting to be filled with light and to reality not be blind.

* Dedicated to all the beautiful souls who encourage me with the kindest words that I often feel unworthy of deserving... I am humbled by you all and pray that Allah (swt) blesses you with His kindest best, through-out all your walks of life, iA... Ameen!


Natalie said...

You are not unworthy. :D

Hayaah said...

Inspite of trying to take that down graciously, I often find it hard to digest...

Thank you Natalie :)