Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Drug Induced Babbling

an ache
a blatant longing

an emotion
little tears forming

an awkwardness
that need for belonging

an answer
can't keep prolonging

all sadness
from times absconding

with absence
lack of human bonding

a hollow

No more commands please
I'm too tired now to follow...


ommarah said...

Sweetest..such pain ..dont follow -let it be

Hayaah said...

mmm... thanx love.. jst another passing phase i gess... Though i switched words arnd since ur comment and i like it better now :)

Anonymous said...

You really put that moment into words successfully.
"too tired to follow..."
made me tired too, but I feel I've been here before, in this moment of yours.
Really good stuff Hayaah.

Hayaah said...

Thanx so much Ophelia... Really appreciate ur comments here as well as on Naseeb. I do have favourites of my own sometimes, and im beginning to like this one a lil extra for some reason...

Im sorry tho that it made u tired too...
Sometimes the days are a bit too draining I gess... my last 2 seems to have been in wierd ways, emotionally and mentally...

Anonymous said...

You're always welcome :) I think I like these a little extra as well...something about surges of emotion.

Aw. I know, I'm feeling drained as well. So much has happened this week. I feel like having a long lonely drive to the beach, and I think I will.. have some therapy ideas of your own? besides your drugs : P

Hayaah said...

aha ha ha... well, to me there is nothing like therapy at the beach... be it melancholy, be it peace, be it happy thoughts... for me, it all comes together in a serene cleansing manner once i get me time at the beach... Wats essential though is, the air through my hair. Any beach where you as a hijabi would get to do that? = o
Ive often wondered abt that, if I start the hijab, that is what id miss the mostest!!! Shaitan has been rather affective in his ways of keeping me from it when deep down I so want to do it = (

Sanaa said...

But I like this, bdee. It's pretty much very cool <3

Hayaah said...

Thank u Naaso :P
So last nite i was just being my age, and now u think this is cool? Riiite, Ok ;)