Sunday, 15 February 2009

Pain is Unique to the One Who Feels It

I feel this world is functioning in a limbo of very many layers. Each layer is a seperate entity of beings and it is hard for them to comprehend while in one layer, the realities of the other.

There is a layer in which exist the ones who have all the money and the riches in the world, and it is their oyster.

There is a layer in which families make a comfortable living and can splurge on luxuries once in a while.

There is a layer where people work extremely hard to make ends meet.

Then there is a layer of those who have lost everything and depend on charity to survive.

There is also a world where a bridge of sorts is formed, on which walk together those who are rich, those comfortably living, the hard workers and the ones with nothing. This is the exclusive bridge formed because their loved one is ailed with a fatal disease or an un-fixable disorder, and are dying. Also part of this world are those that lose a loved one.

Then there is a world of the war trods. Those who die everyday, in-numerable deaths in not just a day, but in one body aswell- of a mother, a brother, a father, a sister, a daughter, a son...

In each layer there is their happiness and in each layer, there is their pain. Do they all blend in with one another? I feel they dont. One layer can not even begin to feel the pain of the other as they themselves live through it. The turnmoil, the breakdowns, the agony felt- those just cannot be felt in the same depth, as one who feels it while they are living/have lived it.

It's like watching it all from one world, while it is happening in another. Trying to walk in the shoes of any besides ourselves, is simply insurmountable. We can try as best as we want, but it remains a glimmer of the actual truth. It is only when life walks us from one layer, into the other, that the scaffold of our understanding caves in, and the massive reality of THAT layer's intensity, enfolds us completely.


Cynthia said...

So true H. a lifetime is full of layers,
that form us.Well-written.

Anonymous said... each his own trials. I believe I know the conversation from whence this came.

Hayaah said...

Thanx cynthia... coming from such a poignant writer as urself, thats a huge compliment for me :)

Meena, that it is... Now im intrigued to see if ure spot on with whence this came :) Catch u on chat later...