Sunday, 15 February 2009


I fumble all flustered in hopes to feel atoned
I strain till I’m drained in attempts to be condoned

Put my arms around ideas aplenty and more
Lost in words just too many, call it verbal galore

A thread of reason comes to mind, it takes on a form,
In a snap of interruption it gets broken and is gone

In a desperate quest to dig on deeper into my mind
I attempt fervidly to intertwine words that align

I try, I venture, I always give things a shot
Fail miserably I do,
As I continue to second guess my every thought.


Meena said...

Just keep trying hun, one day iA you will feel like you did succeed. Sometimes we get bogged down, but consider how far you have already come.

Hayaah said...

Thats the sad part... i dont feel like ive reached any place yet =S
anyhoo... iA, i do find that day... Ameen.
thanx for the motivation :)

Meena said...

I think that is how it feels, when we are happy, what we have achieved seems great. When we are sad, the same things seem worthless. Perspective love. iA, your waiting is almost over.