Thursday, 5 February 2009

Mankinds own wrath

Large; unworthy
Dark; ugly
Short; abnormal
Squint; obscene

I thought we were all made by a Higher Being!
He says, she says; hence we are unclean?
People against people, their fingers untired
from pointing at him and her; all liars?
we're all the same, stop looking for differences
stop acting this way by pleading your defences

Large or Dark, Short or Squint,
not unworthy not ugly
nor abnormal or obscene
Inspite of our differences
we remain human beings

Awaken, Accept, Embrace and Educate
Stop running an agenda against your own race
Uplift your own, they need your attention
Stop ignoring them! Dont live in pretension!

Please! Already... before it's too late...
Before our time passes and we're buried in hate...
I breathe, I sigh, I wipe away a tear,
Then silently I continue on with my prayer.


Meena said...

Wow, someone is sad.

Hayaah said...

I was more mad than sad! Perhaps a bit've both... The morning after began tragically too =| Jst one of them ARgghH days = (