Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Common Courtesy Lost in Technology?

What is it with people today? We all are raised with common courtesies I am supposing? At least most of us who are able to communicate on this web world should be… sorry if I'm being presumptuous!

I was taught that when anyone/someone speaks to me, I owe them a reply. How I choose to go about replying, is another part of this courtesy business, but at least responding is something that is the norm. And so, I always make sure that I reply when spoken to (politely is how I choose to, for the most part and I won’t judge anyone for doing so otherwise). As long as I get a reply, I’m hunky dory and hippity hoppity happy.

Now this is easily achievable so long as we are speaking, one-on-one, face-to-face, or even voice-to-voice I guess. Where I feel courtesy is getting lost in technology is, when it comes down to emails, text messages and online chats. What is it with people who won’t reply when spoken to? I feel its down right discourteous, and yes I take offence! I find it utterly rude not to get a reply when I text someone, or say something online and never get a reply for it (email/chat). So what if it’s not face-to-face? When someone speaks to you, they aren’t exactly speaking to a wall. So of course they expect a response! Don’t they? Am I alone in this?

I for one cannot sleep peacefully knowing I have offended someone. I perhaps think too much and care too much, but seriously, I draw the line at ignoring it when someone is rude to me by not responding back to me when spoken to! = |


Anonymous said...

What ever happened to the concept of common courtesy or am I just being too old ... or are they lost and simply need some guidance

Hayaah said...

Thanx for reading 'anonymous'. Commom courtesy itself is not so much lost I think, as it is when it comes to responding with cell phones and the internet. That was wat I was implying... Common courtesy has nothing to do with being old or young... and guidance would have to begin at a young age... Later on we jst gotta be more aware of our own actions, perhaps?