Saturday, 7 February 2009

I was thinking again...

Yes, sadly I do that a lot = P and sometimes just not enough = /

Is it just me or does this happen with other people out there as well? When the people in my life (I won’t start naming them one by one now- lets just assume they are close family and friends) give me advice, I usually don’t pay any heed to it if I don’t respect their reflection of it in their own past or current life.

I feel that when a person gives an advice to someone to do something, it should come from their experience of things, or how they see it to be the right thing to do and themselves are practicing it. More like the adage of, ‘‘Practice what you preach.’’

When people are setting really bad examples in real life (all in my opinion of course), I tend to get rather grumpy and stubborn on being told to do what these particular people advice me to do. Sometimes I feel like they’re shoving it down my throat literally = . I strongly disagree, and sadly I get stuck alone and lonesome between numbers, ending up feeling like a brainless fool.

It’s only slowly dawning upon me that I don’t have to feel this way. If they cannot set an example, then I surely needn’t feel guilty about not adhering to their ways and suggestions…



OrLaNd said...

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Hayaah said...


Shall do, as soon as I take time out for it :)

Eramsurviv0r said...

wow speak Indonesian too..? @_@

Hayaah said...


no eram... y wud u think that? :P

Eramsurviv0r said...

i don't know...but i thought when you said "shall do" when OrLaNd asked you to drop by his blog...that you already checked it and saw that it's all in Indonesian >_>

hmm....might be a spam bot or something.

Hayaah said...

ah, i c :)

id said id look at it, but on doing so obviously, it wasnt understood now ;)

no worries...