Saturday, 7 February 2009

Power Abuse From A Simplistic Sphere

I think about the power that people enable us with when they entrust us with parts of their life; their moments past and present.

When most people talk to others, is it normal to believe that when we share with another being personal thoughts, especially those that matter to us, we then expect them to honour the preservation of that information? By honour I mean not stab our unquestioned faith in them, by speaking of details shared, to others. Others could be anyone.

Normally people say, think before you share things with someone, that might come back to haunt you. Speak to only those whom you can trust. Well normally smart enough people already know this. But I feel many people today are becoming too engrossed in laughing over someone who isn't a part of their life, or affects their life in any profound way. And being so, does it become okay for them to laugh at someone elses misery, misfortune, difference of being, not sharing our opinion? I am perhaps guilty of some of these things myself.

I am genuinely wondering as to how many of us actually think about the power that we automatically gain, when someone shares a thought of theirs with us. How we respond to what has been shared with us; first with the one who shares and afterwards with someone else. What we are told, can sometimes make or break lives. Can change lives forever. Can form opinions. Can do so much and then some.

Do we always think about this before we share that information with other people? We are entrusted with so many thoughts and facts. Are we always faithful about making sure we dont abuse their sanctity? Perhaps this is something that gossip mongers won't even understand. I deeply wonder if somewhere deep inside of me, inspite of me being ever so concious of it, could I slip and err and end up doing just that? May be not on such an extreme or grand scale. Nevertheless, I still wonder...


Eramsurviv0r said...

I don't know why...but for some reason...a lot of people around me tell me their secrets...quite a number of it is the dark type. the kind that if i said it to someone else i'll totally ruin their lives -_-"

I don't really like it, but at the same time they really put me in a tough position when they do that. should i stop them from revealing these kinds of things to me..? i tried it a couple of times...but they said they really needed to tell someone.

hmm...the slip up may happen, but even if it happened...i won't ever ever reveal the identity of that person.

Other than that , i feel like my chest is a bottomless pit...i don't know if that is a good thing or a bad thing though ^^"

Hayaah said...

Trust is a HUGE responsibility. U can only watch over urself. If many ppl entrust u with things, they probably see u as trust worthy. Its jst a tough job to not betray it. As for as other ppls sins are concerned, Islam tells us not to speak of our sins, but to silently repent them, for Allah is Most Merciful, Most Forgiving and as long as the matter is between u and Him, He can forgive u. Once u speak of them... they become a matter no more between only u and Allah...