Sunday, 8 February 2009

Beyond the real shit...

Of late I’ve been thinking; there really is nobody on this earth who doesn’t have pains and shits literally and metaphorically speaking. As long as humans shit, like the real stuff, there’s going to be some in life otherwise too. That’s why we were made - humans i.e.

To sort our shits out we eat well therefore we shit well. If we mess up our routine or emotions, physically we get affected and in turn our shits get affected too.

The same I believe is applicable to our actions and the shit that follows. Based on this logic, how we deal with our sewage and cleanliness of shitting area, will reflect on our life too. If we are good clean people, we wouldn’t let our shit affect others or inconvenience them. So, in order to be healthy and also to not affect others badly, we have to keep our area clean and ‘pungent’ free.

The shit in our life perhaps is all a reflection of the real shits that we sometimes are oblivious of having an impact, who knows???

What a parallel my mind has wrought!

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