Monday, 9 February 2009

Happy Birthday to you...

She had been reeling from a heartache
moping, lonesome and lost, when
she heard from a mysterious person
who then raplty her attention caught

She listened and healed in his time with her
so deeply it she began to treasure
Moments spent in blissful accord
ten years between them were no measure

attraction sparked and hearts alligned
in mental pleasure of words sublime
He knew what she meant without an utter
His songs when he sang to her, she fluttered

Time in its mystery had played such cards
that bound him to bloodlines unseverable
his promises belonged to someone else
To re-unite them became her life's parable

For his daughter to have a dad and a mother
together, had been a matter pressing
His faithfulness to those his, was truly refreshing,
Helping them back together to her was a blessing

What could be not and would not be
she did eventually begin to see
what had been and what had withstood
the test of time, was their decree

Nerves quite deep had found a sync
As friends would always remain their link
like with no one else, all they thought was mutual
Comprehend feelings that were alive; so actual

Be there for each other through moments all
share pain or happiness, together enthrall
Stand by you she will always, dear friend
No matter where what or even when

You a man very special and unique
born ten years too soon; thus they couldnt meet
She came later, far much too late
and such was their destiny, their solemn fate.


Meena said...

you made me sad...10 years isnt that big an age gap.

Hayaah said...

and thats exactly why it wasnt important initially...

but too much had happened before the time could be right for her, and so the 10 years became a gaping vastness too big to ignore...